LatencyMon 7.20
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LatencyMon 7.20

LatencyMon is a great tool for analyzing the latency of your Windows system
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LatencyMon is a great tool for analyzing the latency of your Windows system. It provides a comprehensive view of the system's overall latency, allowing you to quickly identify and address any issues that may be causing delays. It also helps to efficiently process audio signals in real time, calculate execution times for Interrupted Service Routines and Deferred Procedure Calls, and detect kernel modules that may be causing high latencies. Overall, LatencyMon is an essential tool for anyone looking to optimize their Windows system for maximum performance.

Though the word "latency" might make you think of network connections and data traffic, in the case of this tool, the term actually refers to the delayed execution times when running audio playback and processing tasks and apps.

LatencyMon is an application meant to allow the analysis and auditing of a system in order to determine if it's suitable for processing real-time audio-related tasks.

Though it comes with a simple and straightforward interface, LatencyMon is not an application for the casual inexperienced users. It determines the potential causes of latencies, “hard pagefaults”, and buffer underruns that affect the execution times. As you can see from the terminology, this tool is meant for professionals and advanced users who require access to comprehensive reports which help them locate the kernel modules and processes that cause audio latencies and drop-outs. It's a powerful all-in-one tool that can be used simultaneously as a ISR monitor, DPC monitor and a hard pagefault monitor. In other words, LatencyMon helps detect the drivers and processes responsible for the issues with the audio processing tasks.

To sum it all up, LatencyMon is an advanced tool that can help you determine the cause of drop-outs, clicks, pops, and other problems in your audio applications.

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  • Neat interface
  • Provides comprehensible reports
  • It provides the functionality of an ISR monitor, DPC monitor and a hard pagefault monitor, all in one


  • Quite

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rating Michael Schilmoeller
Your program saved me an immense amount of work and anxiety. I may use it only once, but I have no qualms paying for it. Thank you. May you prosper and have long life.

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